October 01, 2011

we love real beeeeeeeer

and Oktoberfest begins. being well aquinted with people of german origin, it is only but my duty to embrace this season of festivities.

this weekend there are numerous festivals happening. last night i went and visited the Biscuit Mills "we love real beer". it was wonderful, as well as a learning experience. 
we paid R50 entrance and received a lovely glass beer mug - and then the festivities began.
tasting fruity fruity ciders, to fruity beer (cherry beer - it was the greatest) and then a lager to end the evening off. . . .
 evening is an iniciative dedicated to promoting a community of Real Beer lovers. (and no, not your student "beer lover" either), but rather providing baturally brewed beer, made by small, independent brewers. 

check out their website : http://www.weloverealbeer.com/home.html , as well as a few pictures from the evening.

apple and pear cider - delish

we <3 world focus is where the cherry beer was from :)

dont forget to visit SAB in newlands for some more Oktoberfest-ivites.