May 21, 2012

65th Annual Cannes Film Festival

“Cannes belongs to each and every one of us who, year after year, from wherever we are and in our own individual way, contributes towards creating it step by step. It is only by constantly analysing the Festival, adapting its function and encouraging debate about it that we will continue to make it the very best it can be. Cannes must be open to new ideas, while remaining faithful to its past, of course. Diversity can only enrich it. That´s what makes the Festival de Cannes our festival.”    Thierry Frémaux 

 oh no. i am not a fan of the dresses that were worn by some big celebrity names. as there are still two more days of the festival, hopefully the glamorous dresses will improve . . . 

the festival runs from the 18-27 May 2012. hopefully this week, we will see some stunners! 


Jane and her frikken aerobics

beautiful train

i love the 

Paris darling, are you lost? 

beautiful Armani couture

personal favourite

loving the mint pastel colour, but that is ALOT of fabric

another fabulous Armani number


  1. I agree. Nothing particularly stands out as fabulous. The Armani couture is beautiful, but the wow dress is yet to materialise x

    1. hi sus, thanks for your comment. Ya, rather disappointing. I think all the fabulous dresses were at the MET gala a few weeks back. Hopefully this weekend, things will improve some. xx