May 31, 2012

Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee with Next

the Queen's Jubilee. let us be real, who doesn't know about this. as i am a die-hard Royal family fan, i have been folllowing all the celebrations and "tributes" to the Queen. one of my favourite is from the British Clothing brand NEXT. see below a really cute video of their children's clothing (you must watch). 

What law would you introduce if you were to be the Queen / King? Some brilliant answers

NEXT have also designed (a really patriotic) clothing rage in preparation for the celebrations. it is the British Royal Family that really knows how to throw together a celebration. check out some of the designs (that i most liked) below. i must warn you, be prepared for a whole of Union Jack (and glitter) in your face.

day time. i like the navy blue shorts.


great for that summer vacation

glitter wellies? hmmm, i am still trying to get used to this one

i love this sarong

oh, i do think these are spiffy 

and now, something for the men. 

nice little touch. 

very nice . . . . hmm shirt

thank you NEXT for your beautiful (and very blue and red) clothing range in celebration of the Queen's Jubilee. 
Viva Queen Elizabeth. 

xo xo 

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