June 01, 2012

it is a GLAMBOX world

it is that time of the month. just when you think pay-day will never come and the month is draaaging, a very charming pink box arrives at the office door. if you are still “guessing” as to what this pink box may be, then you need to quickly read here.

having experienced this joy last month, i couldn't contain my excitement. do not even try get the men to understand, because they don’t. in this month’s box of treats i was absolutely blown away, it was definitely an “all-rounder GlamBox”, with make-up products, jewellery, something for the lips, a body scrub, a fragrance and vouchers. i must admit i did have expectations, and they were met.

in this box of treats, all the ladies received:
  • Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani : this is a beautiful fragrance and i must admit one of my favs. i love the description: “examples of invisible sophistication, symbolizing perfection and harmony”. does that just not sound fabulous?
  • Lip Ice Seductions – Alluring Pearl **full size**: score! another treat. however, i was a bit disspointed when i tried the product. it was not as “pearly” as i thought and it came out like normal lipgloss L. but, it tastes and smells nice – which is always a bonus with these things.
these were my two favs from the box.
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Citron, Honey AND Coriander skin smoothing body scrub: sho, i do not know if any of you have tried Crabtree and Evelyn products, but they are really great. this is descriped as “true indulgence” for your skin – i cannot agree more.

  • Revlon Photoready 3D Mascara **full size** : i only but got excited for this. i love mascara and enivitabley have more than one tube. i have seen this advertised but am yet to try it. but it looks and sounds great.

  • Avon Effortless Chic necklace & earring set : ok, so first impressions, i was like “eeek, this will go straight to my mum”, but when i tried the necklace with a royal blue top, i was in love. however, i think i am still too young to have matching necklace and earings. but nonetheless, i will make it work.

over and above these treats, there were two vouchers, one for 5rooms.com (online furniture shop) and a voucher for revlon face creams. just delightful.

DID YOU KNOW:  GlamBox now has a BambinoBox and a TheBox for Men for Winter. so if you want to bless a pregnant mum, then do it with BambinoBox, or if you want to get that male figure in your life to understand the joy of receiving beauty products in the post, then test out TheBox for men.

if you received a GlamBox this month, why not earn a couple of GlamPoints (which can be redeemed for something fabulous in the Glam online beauty shop at a later stage), by filling out their survey for the May GlamBox. it doesn’t take long to do, and you will not only be scoring points for yourself, but you will be helping the brands with further information on their target market and consumer.

for more information, don’t forget to follow GlamBox on Facebook, Twitter, or visit their website, to sign up to receive your box of treats next month.

have a lovely weekend.
xo xo

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