March 26, 2012

fall is around the corner

here in South Africa we are heading to our "coldest" time of the year. we may not receive snow or anything as delightful but cape town (and others) receive a good feeling of winter none-the-less.

after browsing the fall/winter collections, i came across the Lacoste collection for ladies. it is wonderful. being known for their collared tennis-shirts and then their knitwear; they have really pulled out some of the stops for this season.

the clothes have a sharp, modern, clean and fresh look to them. incorporating the odd bright colour to brighten up the gloomy days. Lacoste is loosing the "sporty" association slowly - but they will always have that athletic and sporty accent to it.

the mens collection focussed on sharp edges, camel and grey colours. charming and attractive as always.  before i go on, have a looksie at some of my favs from the women's 2012 New York Fashion week.

a quick break down:
colors: blue, red, off-white & gray
trends: colorblock & sporty zipper accents
accessories: leather platform boots, wool & leather bucket bags