July 12, 2011


hopscotch is a brand that produces dynamic and top class products. their focal product is a DESIGNER PINWHEEL. i bet you that more than half of you reading this - if you are reading this - are wondering to yourself what a pinwheel is. well it is simple - see the images below and let those childhood memories come flooding back....

these pinwheels are the toys without batteries or (for the ladies) the flowers that never die. the beautiful double sided paper allows for variation in colours and designs. ie: versatile

the pinwheels may be:
  • a unique gift
  • bring simple joy
  • decoration to your home
  • a party favor
  • or a toy for your child
hopscotch is based in Cape Town, South Africa and would love to speak to you.
email: hopscotch.sa@gmail.com or visit http://hopscotchsa.blogspot.com/

holidays...they not for everyone

being on holiday is a time to restore energy that had been well spent elsewhere. i find it fascinating as to WHERE and WHAT different people and cultures would consider to be "holiday".

everyone it means something different, whether you are "not studying" therefore you are on holiday.
if you are visiting family then you could be on holiday
if the kids are away, ah, now it's a holiday
when zuma has a birthday, ah let's make it a holiday

holiday destinations vary - often one tends to explore other parts of the world that are different to theres. for some it may be chasing the sunshine and appreciating the beach, or racing down snowy mountains, or even hiking up them

holidays. it may mean anything.
in the previous years when technology did not rule the world, the word HOLIDAY meant something different to what we 21st century people refer to as HOLIDAY.

below are some super Vintage Holiday Images


Images taken from Pintrest

July 04, 2011

coffee lover?

since a young age you are warned about the dangers of coffee and alcohol on your liver. however, researchers are now learning that although coffee does not reverse the damage done on the liver - it may help in the prevention of cirrhosis. researchers in california are unsure what it is exactly in the coffee that is of small benefit to the liver - but there is definately something there :)

this may make you feel a little less guilty when taking those morning sips (cups) of coffee.

information from SA coffee club
Images from Pintrest.com

July 01, 2011

ahoy stormers . . .

with the southern hemisphere super rugby semi-finals happening tomorrow, south africa has only one team left to hold our flag. the colours tomorrow are navy blue and white. being a sharks (black and white) supporter i tend to disagree with this colour combination.
stormers (western cape) rugby team. we looking at the jersey though....
but when looking at the spring/summer 2011/12 navy blue and white TREND , it is definately a colour trend that came last season and is here to stay. and i am loving it. who cares if you look like a sailor!
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