July 12, 2011

holidays...they not for everyone

being on holiday is a time to restore energy that had been well spent elsewhere. i find it fascinating as to WHERE and WHAT different people and cultures would consider to be "holiday".

everyone it means something different, whether you are "not studying" therefore you are on holiday.
if you are visiting family then you could be on holiday
if the kids are away, ah, now it's a holiday
when zuma has a birthday, ah let's make it a holiday

holiday destinations vary - often one tends to explore other parts of the world that are different to theres. for some it may be chasing the sunshine and appreciating the beach, or racing down snowy mountains, or even hiking up them

holidays. it may mean anything.
in the previous years when technology did not rule the world, the word HOLIDAY meant something different to what we 21st century people refer to as HOLIDAY.

below are some super Vintage Holiday Images


Images taken from Pintrest

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