April 26, 2012

Yves Saint-Laurent

i found this image early this morning. it made me smile so i thought i would share it with you too.  
it is an old quote by my friend Yves Saint Laurent, but this graphic is just superb. 

yves saint laurent

"The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy."


"I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes" 

- Yves Saint-Laurent

before posting this, i did a bit of research into my friend Yves Saint-Laurent. and wow, what an influential man within the fashion industry. i will definitely be posting something more on him in the near future. watch this space. 
have a lovely long weekend. xx  

April 24, 2012

dear New York,

not so long ago, in the heart of New York City,  ZARA hosted an event at their flagship store. ( love ) .

i only recently came across these pictures and they are beautiful. simple black and white images have taken a simple event, in a retail store, to the next level. i left out the images of all the people, as i did not know who they are, so you sure as heck won't either. also, there weren't that many "people" focussed shots anyway.

for more of these lovely images visit the zara site. i do not even know who the photographer was; but i just love these images so i thought i would share. i hope you can enjoy them too. 

April 23, 2012

it's a "trouser" affair

back in the day women were not allowed to wear trousers / pants - only skirts or dresses. when i refer to trousers i do not mean jeans or denim, but rather coloured, tailored and styled trousers. 

being a woman myself, i still love skirts and even more so, big glamorous dresses. but, since dating a European, i have found a new love in tailored trousers. so much so, i have more trousers in my wardrobe then skirts - eek.

i like trousers so much, that I have a whole board on Pintrest dedicated to them.    


even the beautiful Kate Middleton exchanges her little stockings and knee length skirts for a pair of trousers. 

see some more pictures, taken completely from my Pintrest account, below: 


April 20, 2012

the inside of a GLAMBOX

finally the day has arrived. my first GLAMBOX is waiting for me at the front of the office. the men in the office do not understand my excitement - why would they?  i mean, who pays for sample products that will only last a few weeks? well,  1000's of women (and a few men i am sure) in Southern Africa do. anyway, i will keep the history for another time. but right now, let’s get to the good stuff.

in this shocking pink box, was what i would call a triple C : classy, chic & charcoal. 

the beautifully square box that held my treats was packed with an array of beauty products and shredded paper, that later made a mess on my floor as a dug through to find the few indulgences. 

this month’s GLAMBOX was “smoother” than normal. all the treats were either a cream or a gel of some sort. with winter approaching GLAMBOX wanted to ensure that we are “rejuvenated, moisturised and pampered by only the best beauty products that will make our skin smile” 

 for only a R100 a month, this is what my April GLAMBOX consisted of :

April 12, 2012

online shopping

 it was not so long ago that a German online shopping company graced the shores of South Africa, and more importantly based themselves in the heart of the mother city: Cape Town. not being a student any more, those days of going to the mall is now somewhat tricky. with online shopping being fairly new in South Africa, it is with excitement that I embraced this experience and share the good news with you too.

currently standing, Zando is South Africa’s largest online fashion superstore. it holds local and international brands that allow for any lady’s (or man’s) heart to overwhelm with happiness. you can actually just spoil yourself shamelessly with a large selection of fashion and style products, including accessories, hand bags and the occasionally hiking gear pops up on the page. never mind that though. but Zando really offers and caters for a variety of people (and all shapes and sizes too).  

safe and secure shopping is the key – and Zando will provide you with a no-risk shopping experience that will allow you to indulge in true happiness. i am sure that the idea of using South African postal systems for your high-fashion designer shoes may be a slight worry on that heart of yours, but no need to fear, Zando (being German) has it under control. there is great customer service that is designed to make every customer feel welcome when they have any queries, problems or praise.

for men and women looking for that unique style discovery, trend or sale, Zando is the way to go. 

it’s easy. it’s convenient. and it’s available 24/7.  

with a pure love for shopping online, Zando is a business driven by innovation and a passion for retail. they aim to uphold the excellence and uniqueness of each brand that is on offer and every customer that comes across the website.
see below a cute little autumn/winter outfit that i compelled from the Zando site! Visit it to make your own! 

lovely pair of winter jeans, with some cute little detail on the back calf 
Rocco Cavalli

April 10, 2012

autumn booties

it is that time of year when the temperature in the air is becoming that little bit "fresher" and the walk from the car to the office is becoming less bearable (and the pace is quickening).

whilst doing some casual and low-key shopping yesterday with a friend, i purchased a sneaky little pair of ankle booties; ideal for that "in-between" weather stage.

they are great to be worn with tights, jeans, stockings and more. (watch this space).

thanks woolies, always a winner!


April 05, 2012

banging hair

it's time for a haircut. what to do is always the question. however with long hair (that you have purposely decided to grow), does not allow for much room to be creative and innovative.
the next best idea is to just "google" what the latest and greatest is. i found a great website that did not only tell me what the latest is,  but provided tutorials as well.

apparently BANGS from 2007, are back. in order to pull off a fringe and a heavy banging look, one needs confidence. those who think that they can hide behind that fringe: you. are. wrong.

check out these great images as to how the fringe has changed and different ways to wear it . . .