May 23, 2012

Sophistication gone TRENDY : 1940's Glam

this week, myself and a few friends are attending a book launch, and the theme is 40's Glamour. hmmm interesting. to help inspire my friends (and myself), i conducted some research.

to be able to understand the fashion of the time, we need to remember that it was during the World War, and in 1945 was the end of was a time of rebuilding the past and creating the new. 

with regards to fashion, the main influences was the American Cinema and Paris Couture. namely: Christian Dior's "NEW LOOK". it was time when Christian Dior launched House of Dior. 

the best way to describe the fashion of the time is to think of being conservative, but sexy.  Dior's "New Look" was soft, embracing femininity but, creating a silhouette tailored look. it was very chic and stylish. 
the key elements were: 

  • longer skirts : mid-calf length
  • mid phase between full skirts and pencil skirts
  • garments fitted in the waist 
  • rounded, soft, shoulders
  • low cut tops
  • short gloves
  • smaller hats 
  • pearls
  • tailored suits
  • fitted jackets
  • shirt-dresses
  • clutch purses
  • and down-right GLAMOROUS 

i like to think of it as sophistication gone trendy 
all information is from the "trusty" Wikipedia and all images are from good old Google - perfect combination for any dress-up partay

i love this. perfect illustration of the low cut tops, pearls and makeup 

the red lips

the gloves, the faux jacket, the small hat, the curled hair and the fitting dress . . . perfect

another fav

the ultimate of glamour 

a bit of here and there 

a typical Dior Dress 

another beautiful and classic Dior

Dior Dior Dior : love

  • simple eye shadow and lashes
  • defined eyebrows 
  • bright lips
  • curly (controlled) hair

and that is it from me. watch this space to see what the ladies really wear on the night.

xo xo


  1. What a great post! I was always a bit blurry as to which specific era 1940's was! thanks for clearing it up for me. love your blog xxx

    1. Hi Haylo. Thank you for your comment, much appreciated. I am glad you enjoyed the post. Keep reading :) xx