May 03, 2012

the dirty 30's . . . what have you accomplished?

it is inevitable that most women dread turning 30. but it is important that you look back and appreciate the journey you have taken (hopefully it has been a good one). the fashion spot recently published a list of 10 things things every woman should have by the time the big 3. 0. comes around.

here they are:

1. a decent piece of furniture :a piece of furniture  that was not bought off gumtree or handed down by some relative. as you leave the "student" lifestyle and begin building your own home, it is important that you own something that is apart of you.

2. a small circle of friends you can trust with anything  : by the time 30 is here, you have figured out who you  are and have witnessed first hand who your true and close friends are.
3. the knowledge of whether you want to have children or not : this is important in general. no further explanation needed.
4. something impractical and expensive that you bought yourself just because you wanted it : i think we all know what i mean here. you deserve that designer handbag or those Prada shoes that you have always admired but never owned. if you heading for 30, then you better act quick (or eveb Christian Louboutin red sole shoes are an option too!)

5. a great resume : we all know how important this is. whether you have changed jobs a 100 times or just twice, it is still important and relative to have the starting blocks of you career written down.
6. a daily routine for your beauty needs : i am all for using anti-aging cream - so what if it is a scam and all marketing, there will still be some goodness in that R600 bottle. prevention is better than cure. whether you have children or not, you are still entitled to look after yourself.

7an exercise plan that you stick to for fitness, health, and long-term maintenance : your metabolism is not getting any younger, and neither are you. by the time you are 30, you need to know what you like doing, what you good at, what you can stick to and what is the most beneficial for your body + physique.

8. one stamp in your passport : ah, that is a must!! you can only walk New York in heels when you are young!!
9. a past filled with juicy stories to tell in your old age :  i don't believe that the fun stops at 30, but your stories will definitely lack the spice that they used to when you were studying or beginning your career.

10. control of your finances and a savings account you add money to each month : there is nothing more unattractive than a women who lacks control of her money, income and finance in general. there is no room overdrawing or Daddy doing your taxes (i would get an agency in there any day ;) )
and that's it from me. i am not 30 yet, but if i can aim to have achieved these 10 things, then i am definitely travelling the right road.

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  1. Love it! I think my frequent combining of #4 and #8 has added significantly to #9 and may have affected my firm grasp on #10.

  2. Hi Steph,
    You are brilliant with the how you put these random 10 points all together. Thank you for your contribution :)


  3. I'm 30 next year so need to still 'achieve' a few of these. ;)

  4. Haha, there is no time like the present ;)