May 19, 2012

long hair . . . what to do

ever have those moments where you just want to CUT your long locks for a shorted and chic look? well don't do it . . . yet. personally, i love the idea of having a sophisticated and well-styled bob. but, i believe my time will come. a special someone close to me, likes me with long hair. so right now, i am good for now and will embrass the extra effort that comes with long hair. last month i posted about the latest do's on the cat walk, and decided that a fringe was a must. as discussed with a close friend, a fringe is much easier to handle and take care of in the winter - when it is not that hot. agree? check the post for other options.

i do not like multi-coloured hair, and if you want to have highlights, then that is great, keep it to one colour ie: blonde - please do not introduce and who knows what else. i am boring in this sense that i don't think it is nice when there are a million different colours and tones in ones' hair. anyway, moving on. . .

i think long hair is boring. but today, when i should have been doing other things, i went and gathered a few pictures (from all over) to put together a post of some new and interesting ways to wear your long hair. don't ask me for a tutorial as to how to do these hairstyles, but they definately look pretty and t.r.e.n.d.y.

take a looksie:

personally, i am not into this whole, plait, boho, look. give me a bow anyday. but what they have done here is great. see more pictures below for some great ways to wear a plait .

 i quite like this :)

pretty bow

the fishtail. been around for awhile. always easier if you have a friend to do for you

i really like this.

beautiful hair - wow. (love the dress too)

another very nice way to get your hair off your neck and look chic all at the same time

so simple and easy
 xo xo

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