May 22, 2012

autumn look

Cape Town's weather. 

Cape Town's weather is the most phenomenal thing yet. you are able to have all four seasons in one day. some say its an amazing thing, but for the locals, it is just darn right annoying. you are hot and then cold, and then chilly and then warm - being so young, i  KNOW it is not menopause. trying to find clothes for everyday wear that are able to carry you through the temperature may be a challenge. but . . . today was spot on. 

wait-coat: Edgars
scarf: a gift from Selfridges
up-style pony, with mini bee hive, & hair wrapped around  the elastic.
simple. simple. simple.
trousers: ZARA de
patent belt: Aldo 
black brogues: Woolworths
ah i have really enjoyed wearing them this winter

 and that is it from me. for some this may be a more masculine look, but hey, you win some and you loose some.

xo xo 

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