August 31, 2011

another glorious saturday morning

the old biscuit mill again this last week. . . lovely.
a clear and sunny cape town day. where delicious food and trendy people were filling the atmosphere :)

fav look of the day.

stunning jeans from south africa's iconic DARKIE label.

ex fashion director from ELLE magazine : Chris Viljoen.
Spotted at the biscuit mill

all the above images taken by me . .

August 27, 2011

coffee coffee coffee & . . . coffee

on a beautiful Cape Town day, SA Coffee Club hosted a lovely event at the Bosch Showrooms in Milnerton, Cape Town. Clover, Bosch and OriginRoasters joined alongside SA Coffee Club for a morning of coffee tasting and coffee "education".   one is never too young to learn, right? Wayne Oberholzer from Origin Roasters hosted the event, as well as share his knowledge on the fundamentals of delicious (and dull) coffee. as a participant, there were two delicious coffees from around the world to taste, and experience the multiple flavours that adorn just a single cup of coffee. delish. Bosch showroom holds some magnificent devices that one can just dream about owning one day, as well as showing off their coffee machines and tasty cappuccinos.

wayne oberholzer and prizers to be won
take a seat and be captivated

tasty treats

there were prizes to be won; 2x coffee filter machines and 2x coffee grinders. It was not just a lucky draw, oh no, but rather a test of one’s intellect and whether or not you were listening to the talk.
a very happy winner of a Bosch filter coffee machine

prizerssss - thank you BOSCH

showing Bosch's diversity - from coffee machines all the way to laundry appliances
a big thank you to SA Coffee Club for organizing the event and to Wayne, for sharing his interesting knowledge and statistics of a coffee bean.  AND to Origin Roasters, Clover and to Bosch for making it all possible.

double click on me!

love coffee? then join SA Coffee Club on facebook or visit their blog, ILoveCoffee, and be sure you do not miss the next event. 

love appliances? then check out Bosch showroom in Milnerton.
[Shop No. 1, Marconi Centre, 460 Koeberg Road]

and obviously, don’t forget to pop into Origin Roasters inCape Town for a FULL Origin experience. (or check out their website for the other 79 Venues across South Africa)

August 18, 2011


Please note that not ALL images and information have been primarily created by me. I access all my information from fashion and trend analysts websites. (sometimes Wikipedia as well)

At the end of every post I refer to where my information is from, and WILL post the exact link to the same story. . .look out for that link.

Why would I do this??
Many friends and family may or may not have the time to look at and find silly things that you find on this blog. I myself am extremely interested in random and pretty findings online. Being in SA proves difficult to get things and information abroad . . hence why I use other websites as my information sources.

Like anything on this crazy cyber space world, it is virtually impossible to make sure you track the EXACT origin. Before one throws their toys out the cot, remember that it is one's own choice and in one's own discretion to put something on the web.

I do take my own photographs and I put a copyright in the corner. Written work is my own, or stated otherwise. (I am sure the spelling errors show that). I blog about personal projects and friends projects, where I have received permission to do so.

I hope this clears things up with some readers out there.



ZARA is soon to arrive

Zara was founded by: Amancio Ortega  nearly 3 decades ago
the much awaited "Fast Fashion***" clothing store is said to open it's doors on the 10 November in Sandton. (sorry CT and durbs, you have to wait a bit). However, it will not be long before 10 stores are opened through out South Africa.
Zara will be bringing their full Ladies and Mens wear to SA, as well as offer a line of clothes fitting for the South Afircan Fashion Consumers.
Zara will target the middle marget and will be comparitively priced with other local retailers.
how is this possible?? "Vianello said Zara would enter South Africa with corporate stores rather than franchise outlets, meaning the stores would have the financial backer of the holding company, Inditex, rather than a local licensee. Apparently, this means the group would be paying import duties on merchandise at cost" (

***changes its styles monthly.

Zara's stores internationally - soon SA will be there too.
Taken from wikipedia.
Double Click Image to get more detail.
Read more at: Ifashion

August 13, 2011

Neighbour Goods Market

one of my more favourite things to do on a saturday morning . . . visit the Old Biscuit Mill.  It is the home to day and night markets and is a vibrant little village in the heart of Woodstock, Cape Town. It is a sphere where creative and talented people come to share and collaborate with each other.

things on offer:
  • dynamic office spaces
  • decadent foods
  • farmstalls
  • designer clothing stores
  • and an organic chocolate factory
The Old Biscuit Mill was originally a  ..... Biscuit Mill.

Every Saturday from 8.00 - 14.00
a multi cultural experience.
"luxery" beers and food from all around the world.

tasty food.

macaroons & other tasty treats.

large variety of fashion stalls. love.
beautfiul flowers.

kids toys.
what is a cape town market without Brogues. this season's (or last season's) must haves.
farmstalls for the fresh veggies - be ready to pay!

see you next week.
Find out more about The Old Biscuit Mill.

August 09, 2011

Happy Women's Day - YES

women's day: sigh. another day where there is reason for a toi-toi on the streets. but today, YES, it is worth it. national women's day is an annual public holiday on August, 9. (and it is my friend JONO's bday). today, commemorates the national march of women on this day in 1956 to petition against legislation that required African persons to carry the "pass", special identification documents which curtailed an Africa's freedom of movement during the apartheid era.
On August 9, 1956, 20,000 women staged a march on the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act (commonly known as the pass laws) of 1950.
(MaBaard gets a special place", Diamond Fields Advertiser 11 August 2009 p 3)

BUT . . instead of creating a banner and hit the streets of cape town, i decided upon a more subtle and 'stylish' form of celebration . .

first: a brunch with girl friends


second: Woolies, Country Road & Trenary Sale

country road <3.
Thirdly: A stroll around the V&A waterfront, Cape Town.

and then, to beautiful sea point  . . .
seapoint, cape town. LOVE.
 and nothing quite like coffee and donuts on a beautiful Cape Town SUNNY winters day with wonderful friends

and finally, home . . . to meet my ESSIE nail polish and rooibos tea :)

women's day. YES, a day to be celebrated and to be enjoyed.

Images taken from Pintrest