August 18, 2011

ZARA is soon to arrive

Zara was founded by: Amancio Ortega  nearly 3 decades ago
the much awaited "Fast Fashion***" clothing store is said to open it's doors on the 10 November in Sandton. (sorry CT and durbs, you have to wait a bit). However, it will not be long before 10 stores are opened through out South Africa.
Zara will be bringing their full Ladies and Mens wear to SA, as well as offer a line of clothes fitting for the South Afircan Fashion Consumers.
Zara will target the middle marget and will be comparitively priced with other local retailers.
how is this possible?? "Vianello said Zara would enter South Africa with corporate stores rather than franchise outlets, meaning the stores would have the financial backer of the holding company, Inditex, rather than a local licensee. Apparently, this means the group would be paying import duties on merchandise at cost" (

***changes its styles monthly.

Zara's stores internationally - soon SA will be there too.
Taken from wikipedia.
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Read more at: Ifashion

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