August 17, 2012

Russell & Bromley

i paid a sneaky visit to Jamie stairs at the University of Cape Town today and not only came across old friends but a beautiful sight indeed. . . . knitted ankle socks with Russell & Bromley shoes. 

this never ageing brand and timeless shoe never fails to surprise me.
 i just loved how she paired a more "masculine style" shoe with ever so feminine socks and rolled up dark skinny denims. 
super street style! 

ZARA is here

at last ZARA has graced Cape Town CBD. we thought that "of course" ZARA would come come to Cape Town first, but to every ones dismay, we were mistaken. Cape Town had to wait until JHB and Durban were set up. but alas, we can not enjoy shopping in this ever so popular European store.

get down to the V & A Waterfront to enjoy this shopping experience. yay. 

have a lovely weekend. 

x o x o