July 31, 2012

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town:Street Style

this last week was the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Cape Town, and what a treat it was. the whose who in the South African fashion industry was there and any Cape Town fashionista was there ready to strut his/her style.

what i like about fashion week is the vibe in the atmosphere, there is a strong sense of everyone dressing to impress, whether it is to be trendy or just "fashion forward".

 here are just a few of my fav snaps that i took whilst walking around between the shows.

love the pairing of loose garments and big heels. great.

the beautiful fashion blogger: SA Fashion Girl. wearing pastels for the upcoming spring/summer.
love the shoes!

love the button-up blouse with the blazer and wedges, great.
and the Maxi skirt is back with vengeance for spring/summer 

all these trendy lads. my fav - from left to right:
pastel jeans
coral blazer and tan trousers
bow tie (obviously) and mulberry trousers
junky knit sweater
again we see the maxi skirt. love the red lips and blond hair, matched with an electric royal blue clutch

i loved the bow tie with the accessories that it got its own picture

love the whole look! trendy!!

this guy was just a hoot! what a character with his calf length faux fur coat.

yes, this picture was taken without their consent. but i just loved their rolled up trousers and pointy shoes, paired with bright coloured cardigans.

going very pastel, in preparation for spring/summer.

again, the bright colour jeans and patterned top is going to dominate sprint/summer

we are definitely looking forward to spring/summer 12/13 and how South Africa is going to interpret the new, up and coming trends. 

July 30, 2012

Street Style: Brown & Black


as i have been cruising around Cape Town, brown and black has been a predominant winter trend. 

in my mind i have always tabooed the mixing of brown and black. but i am beginning to see that it is actually not that bad, and more and more people are wearing this trend. 

**notice that it is tan brown, not dark brown. 

absolutely love the shirt dress and the weaved belt.

STYLE TIP: pairing leather and soft feminine fabrics is a champion combination

STYLE TIP: it is ok to have your socks poking out of your boots, but make sure they pretty.
easy solution: sew a pretty bow on the back and let the ribbon hang down.

we love the elastic skirt with the brass buttons. great combination with the light stockings and loose scarf.

can never go wrong with tan and white, paired with nude heels.
the Peter Pan collar is very in at the moment.

STYLE TIP: get the "sweet" collar effect by simply doing up your top button - this is no longer considered nerdy!! 

Perfectly Pink Tea Party

this last Saturday, i had the great joy of attending a Perfectly Pink Tea Party for two very special girls. they must have slaved away in the kitchen for at least a week preparing, it was high time that they had a cup of tea.

there were delicious handmade treats - sweet and savoury. a lot of effort went into the perfectly pink preparation all the treats were baked, cooked and decorated to perfection. well done ladies. 

it was so pretty that i thought i would remember the occasion by doing its' own individual blog.

the two birthday girls

happy birthday.
love me
xo xo

July 26, 2012


right, so we all know about "going green" and reducing our carbon footprint... some fashion designers really go the extra mile to produce an Eco-friendly garment made from sustainable materials. the reality? that you often look like a tree-hugger or hippy. 
please note: nothing is wrong with either, it is just not my style. 

BUT . . . 7 students have done it right.

these budding University of Cape Town entrepreneurs have designed and produced a tablet / laptop sleeve made from sustainable materials. wait, it gets even better. these seven students started with a capital of R50 selling Boerewors Rolls. over weeks, they developed, saved, made strategic decisions, and planned this brand: Sweet Potato

the product is a laptop / tablet sleeve that has a vintage aesthetic feel . . . without being too hipster. these sleeves are made from Hessian coffee bags from all over the world. they use fresh, vibrant fabric cut-offs to create the fold over the top.  

my favourite part of this product? the name and the little vintage, fabric covered buttons in the front. 
image taken from Sweet Potato
"Each one of our bags are unique one-of-a-kind piece, designed with passion and style and made by local hands

if you can supply the material that you would like along the top, then they will make it. if you are not that picky, then they will supply it. and if YOU have any form of style and heart, you will buy it. 

get involved.

visit Sweet Potato for more info, or find them on Facebook and Twitter


Greenpoint, Cape Town

some people are just born with a natural ease to dress themselves in the morning. we are loving Miss Sarah-Jane's high-waist denims and high-tops. she matched it wonderfully with a tan weaved belt and a soft cardigan. love.

Bodissox: Fashion you can feel

introducing Bodissox, an innovative range of fashionable garments that are versatile, practical and can be worn as both an outer or under garment. yes, this may sound and look different. but is that not what fashion is about . . . standing out (in a good way, obviously). 

with a universal love for all things beautiful, a troupe of  ballet dancers brought about this unique product that is lightweight, velvety, warm and, of course, fashionable.

my mother always told me to "layer up" when it was cold. well, Bodissox allows for that extra layer without restricting your arm movements or comfort. everyone has worn stockings beneath jeans to keep those pins warm, why not do the same for your arms? 

the form fitting stocking top is made from imported fabric, 100% Polyamide, 40 Denier, and is available in a variety of colours and designs. see the website for more colours, patterns, lengths, designs and sizes - there is one for everyone.

with the joys of E-Commerce (and reliable courier services), it allows for anyone anywhere in South Africa to place an order and receive it within days.
fast info: 
  • Velvet feel
  • Lightweight
  • Undergarment / Outer-garment
  • Creates great body contour
  • Tattoo without the permanence
  • Warm and Fashionable
  • Great for travel, yoga and gym
  • Can be worn for day and night fashion
  • Easy to wash and maintain
interested to know more about Bodissox? visit their website, Facebook Page, or Twitter Account. 

do you have friends that you know would like a Bodissox? why not become an agent TODAY. contact Hayley for more information: hayley@bodissox.com 

July 20, 2012

LADIES NIGHT with Nu Metro

sho, what a treat last night was. some friends and myself were able to enjoy being spoilt at the Ladies Night Cinema evening at Nu Metro, V&A Waterfront. there were loads of treats and eats, as well as massages, nail therapists, men in bow ties, and wine tasting. it was only obvious that a dress code was in order. there may have been inspiration from a certain TV series . . . 

for those who have wondered whether or not they should go see Magic Mike . . . . well it is a must! 

Winter Street Style

in Cape Town yesterday, the sun surprised us all. it came out warm, thick, and ever so delightful. this is the perfect weather to really be creative with your winter wardrobe. it is great to combine, tights, lace, scarf's, cardigans and ankle booties....without over heating. 

we here at Kelsey's Closet, are loving this easy-going, yet chic style.

July 19, 2012

Sassy Silje

there are definitely plus sides to having crazy friends, the one is that they generally dress quite nicely. on a cheeky coffee date at SALT DELI in Bantry Bay, my sassy friend Silje arrived hung over, but stylish. 

coral trousers: country road
chunky knit jumper: forever new
loafers: Bianca, Norweigen
sling purse: ZARA
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July 15, 2012

Bashful Bastille Festivities

anyone living in the Western Cape at this time of the year knows of the great wine festivities that goes on. This last weekend it was the Franschhoek Bastille Day. it runs for the course of the weekend and brings all sorts of people to the lovely mountains of Franschhoek.

originating with a French origin, it is only natural to dress accordingly. as i live with some extremely trendy people, i thought i should share their Bastille-style.

Sarah Jane wore : grey top from Oasis and an ever-so vintage red beret from East-End Thrift Store, a Vintage store in London. 

Hayley wore: grey tweed dress with lovely detail and a sewn-on silk flower. 
She paired the dress with patterned tights from Truworths and boots from Woolworths. 
The brown red-indian themed shoulder bag is from Forever21. 

favourite part of the day? 
Sarah Jane“I can’t say that there was a best part of my day, the day itself was the best.”

Hayley:  “I loved the atmosphere of Bastille day in general. As well as the beautiful red and blue d├ęcor.”

Thanks to my lovely friends for sharing their day with Kelsey’s Closet.