July 26, 2012

Bodissox: Fashion you can feel

introducing Bodissox, an innovative range of fashionable garments that are versatile, practical and can be worn as both an outer or under garment. yes, this may sound and look different. but is that not what fashion is about . . . standing out (in a good way, obviously). 

with a universal love for all things beautiful, a troupe of  ballet dancers brought about this unique product that is lightweight, velvety, warm and, of course, fashionable.

my mother always told me to "layer up" when it was cold. well, Bodissox allows for that extra layer without restricting your arm movements or comfort. everyone has worn stockings beneath jeans to keep those pins warm, why not do the same for your arms? 

the form fitting stocking top is made from imported fabric, 100% Polyamide, 40 Denier, and is available in a variety of colours and designs. see the website for more colours, patterns, lengths, designs and sizes - there is one for everyone.

with the joys of E-Commerce (and reliable courier services), it allows for anyone anywhere in South Africa to place an order and receive it within days.
fast info: 
  • Velvet feel
  • Lightweight
  • Undergarment / Outer-garment
  • Creates great body contour
  • Tattoo without the permanence
  • Warm and Fashionable
  • Great for travel, yoga and gym
  • Can be worn for day and night fashion
  • Easy to wash and maintain
interested to know more about Bodissox? visit their website, Facebook Page, or Twitter Account. 

do you have friends that you know would like a Bodissox? why not become an agent TODAY. contact Hayley for more information: hayley@bodissox.com 

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