July 30, 2012

Street Style: Brown & Black


as i have been cruising around Cape Town, brown and black has been a predominant winter trend. 

in my mind i have always tabooed the mixing of brown and black. but i am beginning to see that it is actually not that bad, and more and more people are wearing this trend. 

**notice that it is tan brown, not dark brown. 

absolutely love the shirt dress and the weaved belt.

STYLE TIP: pairing leather and soft feminine fabrics is a champion combination

STYLE TIP: it is ok to have your socks poking out of your boots, but make sure they pretty.
easy solution: sew a pretty bow on the back and let the ribbon hang down.

we love the elastic skirt with the brass buttons. great combination with the light stockings and loose scarf.

can never go wrong with tan and white, paired with nude heels.
the Peter Pan collar is very in at the moment.

STYLE TIP: get the "sweet" collar effect by simply doing up your top button - this is no longer considered nerdy!! 

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