June 14, 2012

Pastel Power

some people rush to news websites as their morning dose of "worldly information", i use style.com (and the likes) to see what is new. it is now official that the pastel look is back. pastel colours are no longer associated with the plain, boring, your grandmamma, or those trying to be discrete. pastels ARE now drawing the attention. we saw the beautiful mint coloured and pastel dresses at Cannes Film Festival 2012, but pastel shades have hit the runway's and high streets with force, and every fashion magazine holds a "pastel page". 

here in South Africa we are in the midst of our Winter, but whilst doing some browsing yesterday at the mall, i couldn't believe how every store (including Pick 'n Pay clothing! eek!) held pastel coloured garments in the preparation for spring. our seasons irritably hold their "colour schemes". black/grey/brown for winter and pinks/reds/yellows for summer. BOR-ING. i am enjoying that these pastels are being introduced early on in the season and CAN be worn as a "winter look". 

here are some great pastel looks for the up and coming Spring. 

word of caution: not everyone can wear pastels. 
when wearing pastels make sure you do not look like you are wearing your night-gown, or that you just walked out of an Ice-cream parlour. keep the garments simple and with light shades. you will not go wrong. 

looking to "test" out the pastel look, then Pick 'n Pay clothing have some sweet cardigans, and ZARA Durban have some beautiful jackets and skirts that will suit any skin colour and physique. Urban have even branched off from their traditional white and grey and introduced some fairly light cotton shirts. 

if not, why not. 

xo xo 

June 13, 2012

join the Armani Acqua movement

my sister-in-law receives almost every magazine under the sun, so whilst at home i causally picked up the April edition of Marie Claire. as i flicked through the pages i came across the article about the Giorgio Armani Acqua perfumes. having most recently received a sample product of this in the latest GlamBox, i was well aware of the product. it is a fresh and beautiful fragrance. a friend of mine said that she will definitely buy it, but yes, it comes at a price. HOWEVER, i now understand why it is such a price. 

did you know:
one fragrance = 100 litres of drinking water for children 

in isolated villages in Ghana, water pumps financed by Giorgio Armani and Green Cross have made drinkable water possible and sent children back to school.

the water in the out parts of Ghana (such as Kayadan) is fetid, with rubbish and pig excrement floating in it. it is to be boiled before drinking, but in the 45 degree heat, children are far too thirsty to go through the process. this has devastating results. 
since March 2011 the proceeds of all sales of the two perfumes; Acqua di Gio and Acqua di Gioia, go to the building of sink wells of 120 metres in the isolated villages of Ghana. 
The Italian couturier, very aware of the problem of scarcity of drinking water in the world, asked Green Cross to choose a particularly affected country, to identify with the most isolated villages and to build a well in each one.
Marie Claire April 2012:117

all images have been sourced. double click the image to go to the direct source.

if you want to make a difference or contribute to this project or any other "Water for Life" project, visit : acquaforlifechallenge.org 
being able to drink fresh water, is no longer is a dream. but a reality.

make a difference. pay the price. save a life. 

xo xo

June 12, 2012

Men's Key Textures A/W 2012

whilst I was trying to gather traffic to my Facebook page, a certain someone complained that there was a lack of "men's fashion". so I did a bit of research into what is key for South Africa's Autumn/Winter 2012.
I came across the site : FASHIONBEANS, what a lovely website. I do agree that some of the garments and looks are a bit too OTT for the average South African man. however, what is nice to do, is to see the image as a complete LOOK and then take certain aspects of what you like, and then make your own look.

key textures/looks:
  • Chunky knit jumper
  • Pattern – Fair Isle
  • Mini Pattern Trend – Flecked/Mottled Fabric
  • Corduroy : do not freak out, I thought Grandpa as well, but it is not like that, promise.
  • Quilting
textures are great to add to any look, as they apply an additional aspect and colour to the outfit as a whole.  a key way of creating an interesting textual effect is by layering different fabrics and textures: for example, a tweed blazer over a denim shirt and a wool mix tie. but, make of it as you wish. take a look and see what you like and how you can incorporate this sort of "textured" and layered look into your winter must haves. 

keep warm and visit Kelsey's Closet on Facebook for more great winter trends.

xo xo

June 08, 2012

made with L.A.R.K

L.A.R.K is breaking the old and introducing the new. it constitues of handmade accessories with a knack for colour, colour, colour. L.A.R.K is not about being shy, or hiding in the shadows.
as Ching says: "Blending in should never be an option" .

 the designer behind L.A.R.K is Ching. Ching was in primary school when she first started sewing her own bags, she thrives on experimenting with new materials and styles. 
her label constitutes of wrislet bags, clutches, necklaces, and bracelets.  they are all handmade in the comfort of her own home - you can not get more personalised and unique then that.

see below three of my favourite accesories. one of my favourite things about L.A.R.K accesories, is that they all hold unique names. see her website for more fun, innovative, and colourful delights.

"The name represents traits of fun and strong women that I admire:), women who celebrate their individuality" Ching
Little Panther

Little Athlete

all images are taken from the shoplark webpage

oooo, i just love these! hurry whilst stock lasts ! ! ! or

visit L.A.R.K for more information or to take a look at some unique, individual and colourful accessories. definately needed here in Cape Town's gloomy winter.

find L.A.R.K: WebsiteFacebook, and Twitter.

don't forget to find Kelsey's Closet on Facebook and Twitter as well.

have a lovely weekend.

xo xo

June 06, 2012

Keepthrift Clothing

today a friend of mine sent me this picture by mistake. because it was a pretty picture i didn't mind. meanwhile it was actually a dress/top that was on a beautiful girls blog: Keepthrift. as i know one of the lasses and the blog/store, i was more then happy to share my friends good fortune with you too.

Keepthrift clothing is the re-selling of beautiful, vintage, new, whimsical, and unique clothes and accessories. clothes that you do not find on a rail in a store or in any fast-fashion shop like Zara or Mr Price.

these clothes hold a story.

i am all for the Upcycling of clothes.

as Victoria Beckham writes in her book "That extra half an inch" :
Second-hand does not mean second class, as anyone who  has discovered vintage shops will know.

anyway, i wanted to show you the dress/top, so here it is. we love.

the deets: party dress/top.
size: medium
price: R70
shoulder pads included? YES

for more beautiful and one of a kind garments, find Keepthrift on their blog, or Facebook page.

June 03, 2012

summer sunglasses

sunglasses. yes, you may think this is irrelevant for you here in South Africa, but as i am heading over to Europe shortly and it is summer that side, (and they are always ahead in fashion) i thought i best investigate as to what is trending in that part of the world. 

in my research i came across Miss V Becks Spring/Summer '12/'13 collection. L.O.V.E. since i am particularly partial to miss Beckham i thought i would share with you what i found. 

sunglasses are again like lipsticks, they do trend but it is really up to everyone what suits their face and look the best.

you decide. 

or, to save you time (and money), why not look at the fast fashion stores like MANGO.

June 01, 2012

it is a GLAMBOX world

it is that time of the month. just when you think pay-day will never come and the month is draaaging, a very charming pink box arrives at the office door. if you are still “guessing” as to what this pink box may be, then you need to quickly read here.

having experienced this joy last month, i couldn't contain my excitement. do not even try get the men to understand, because they don’t. in this month’s box of treats i was absolutely blown away, it was definitely an “all-rounder GlamBox”, with make-up products, jewellery, something for the lips, a body scrub, a fragrance and vouchers. i must admit i did have expectations, and they were met.

in this box of treats, all the ladies received:
  • Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani : this is a beautiful fragrance and i must admit one of my favs. i love the description: “examples of invisible sophistication, symbolizing perfection and harmony”. does that just not sound fabulous?
  • Lip Ice Seductions – Alluring Pearl **full size**: score! another treat. however, i was a bit disspointed when i tried the product. it was not as “pearly” as i thought and it came out like normal lipgloss L. but, it tastes and smells nice – which is always a bonus with these things.
these were my two favs from the box.
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Citron, Honey AND Coriander skin smoothing body scrub: sho, i do not know if any of you have tried Crabtree and Evelyn products, but they are really great. this is descriped as “true indulgence” for your skin – i cannot agree more.

  • Revlon Photoready 3D Mascara **full size** : i only but got excited for this. i love mascara and enivitabley have more than one tube. i have seen this advertised but am yet to try it. but it looks and sounds great.

  • Avon Effortless Chic necklace & earring set : ok, so first impressions, i was like “eeek, this will go straight to my mum”, but when i tried the necklace with a royal blue top, i was in love. however, i think i am still too young to have matching necklace and earings. but nonetheless, i will make it work.

over and above these treats, there were two vouchers, one for 5rooms.com (online furniture shop) and a voucher for revlon face creams. just delightful.

DID YOU KNOW:  GlamBox now has a BambinoBox and a TheBox for Men for Winter. so if you want to bless a pregnant mum, then do it with BambinoBox, or if you want to get that male figure in your life to understand the joy of receiving beauty products in the post, then test out TheBox for men.

if you received a GlamBox this month, why not earn a couple of GlamPoints (which can be redeemed for something fabulous in the Glam online beauty shop at a later stage), by filling out their survey for the May GlamBox. it doesn’t take long to do, and you will not only be scoring points for yourself, but you will be helping the brands with further information on their target market and consumer.

for more information, don’t forget to follow GlamBox on Facebook, Twitter, or visit their website, to sign up to receive your box of treats next month.

have a lovely weekend.
xo xo