June 08, 2012

made with L.A.R.K

L.A.R.K is breaking the old and introducing the new. it constitues of handmade accessories with a knack for colour, colour, colour. L.A.R.K is not about being shy, or hiding in the shadows.
as Ching says: "Blending in should never be an option" .

 the designer behind L.A.R.K is Ching. Ching was in primary school when she first started sewing her own bags, she thrives on experimenting with new materials and styles. 
her label constitutes of wrislet bags, clutches, necklaces, and bracelets.  they are all handmade in the comfort of her own home - you can not get more personalised and unique then that.

see below three of my favourite accesories. one of my favourite things about L.A.R.K accesories, is that they all hold unique names. see her website for more fun, innovative, and colourful delights.

"The name represents traits of fun and strong women that I admire:), women who celebrate their individuality" Ching
Little Panther

Little Athlete

all images are taken from the shoplark webpage

oooo, i just love these! hurry whilst stock lasts ! ! ! or

visit L.A.R.K for more information or to take a look at some unique, individual and colourful accessories. definately needed here in Cape Town's gloomy winter.

find L.A.R.K: WebsiteFacebook, and Twitter.

don't forget to find Kelsey's Closet on Facebook and Twitter as well.

have a lovely weekend.

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