June 14, 2012

Pastel Power

some people rush to news websites as their morning dose of "worldly information", i use style.com (and the likes) to see what is new. it is now official that the pastel look is back. pastel colours are no longer associated with the plain, boring, your grandmamma, or those trying to be discrete. pastels ARE now drawing the attention. we saw the beautiful mint coloured and pastel dresses at Cannes Film Festival 2012, but pastel shades have hit the runway's and high streets with force, and every fashion magazine holds a "pastel page". 

here in South Africa we are in the midst of our Winter, but whilst doing some browsing yesterday at the mall, i couldn't believe how every store (including Pick 'n Pay clothing! eek!) held pastel coloured garments in the preparation for spring. our seasons irritably hold their "colour schemes". black/grey/brown for winter and pinks/reds/yellows for summer. BOR-ING. i am enjoying that these pastels are being introduced early on in the season and CAN be worn as a "winter look". 

here are some great pastel looks for the up and coming Spring. 

word of caution: not everyone can wear pastels. 
when wearing pastels make sure you do not look like you are wearing your night-gown, or that you just walked out of an Ice-cream parlour. keep the garments simple and with light shades. you will not go wrong. 

looking to "test" out the pastel look, then Pick 'n Pay clothing have some sweet cardigans, and ZARA Durban have some beautiful jackets and skirts that will suit any skin colour and physique. Urban have even branched off from their traditional white and grey and introduced some fairly light cotton shirts. 

if not, why not. 

xo xo 

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