June 12, 2012

Men's Key Textures A/W 2012

whilst I was trying to gather traffic to my Facebook page, a certain someone complained that there was a lack of "men's fashion". so I did a bit of research into what is key for South Africa's Autumn/Winter 2012.
I came across the site : FASHIONBEANS, what a lovely website. I do agree that some of the garments and looks are a bit too OTT for the average South African man. however, what is nice to do, is to see the image as a complete LOOK and then take certain aspects of what you like, and then make your own look.

key textures/looks:
  • Chunky knit jumper
  • Pattern – Fair Isle
  • Mini Pattern Trend – Flecked/Mottled Fabric
  • Corduroy : do not freak out, I thought Grandpa as well, but it is not like that, promise.
  • Quilting
textures are great to add to any look, as they apply an additional aspect and colour to the outfit as a whole.  a key way of creating an interesting textual effect is by layering different fabrics and textures: for example, a tweed blazer over a denim shirt and a wool mix tie. but, make of it as you wish. take a look and see what you like and how you can incorporate this sort of "textured" and layered look into your winter must haves. 

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