June 13, 2012

join the Armani Acqua movement

my sister-in-law receives almost every magazine under the sun, so whilst at home i causally picked up the April edition of Marie Claire. as i flicked through the pages i came across the article about the Giorgio Armani Acqua perfumes. having most recently received a sample product of this in the latest GlamBox, i was well aware of the product. it is a fresh and beautiful fragrance. a friend of mine said that she will definitely buy it, but yes, it comes at a price. HOWEVER, i now understand why it is such a price. 

did you know:
one fragrance = 100 litres of drinking water for children 

in isolated villages in Ghana, water pumps financed by Giorgio Armani and Green Cross have made drinkable water possible and sent children back to school.

the water in the out parts of Ghana (such as Kayadan) is fetid, with rubbish and pig excrement floating in it. it is to be boiled before drinking, but in the 45 degree heat, children are far too thirsty to go through the process. this has devastating results. 
since March 2011 the proceeds of all sales of the two perfumes; Acqua di Gio and Acqua di Gioia, go to the building of sink wells of 120 metres in the isolated villages of Ghana. 
The Italian couturier, very aware of the problem of scarcity of drinking water in the world, asked Green Cross to choose a particularly affected country, to identify with the most isolated villages and to build a well in each one.
Marie Claire April 2012:117

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if you want to make a difference or contribute to this project or any other "Water for Life" project, visit : acquaforlifechallenge.org 
being able to drink fresh water, is no longer is a dream. but a reality.

make a difference. pay the price. save a life. 

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