August 18, 2011


Please note that not ALL images and information have been primarily created by me. I access all my information from fashion and trend analysts websites. (sometimes Wikipedia as well)

At the end of every post I refer to where my information is from, and WILL post the exact link to the same story. . .look out for that link.

Why would I do this??
Many friends and family may or may not have the time to look at and find silly things that you find on this blog. I myself am extremely interested in random and pretty findings online. Being in SA proves difficult to get things and information abroad . . hence why I use other websites as my information sources.

Like anything on this crazy cyber space world, it is virtually impossible to make sure you track the EXACT origin. Before one throws their toys out the cot, remember that it is one's own choice and in one's own discretion to put something on the web.

I do take my own photographs and I put a copyright in the corner. Written work is my own, or stated otherwise. (I am sure the spelling errors show that). I blog about personal projects and friends projects, where I have received permission to do so.

I hope this clears things up with some readers out there.



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