May 10, 2012


OK, so I did my research and I was trying to find the best and easiest words to descirbe what the Met Gala is, where it comes from etc etc. 

the Guardian uk puts together such a lovely description in their article that i thought i would use that instead. once you have an understanding see below some of the most beautiful and crazy dresses to date. 

"The Met Gala has become the fashion Oscars. It is also the opening night of the annual fashion exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. After last year's emotionally charged blockbuster, a posthumous Alexander McQueen retrospective, the Impossible Conversations: Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada show is a move back into more cerebral, curatorial territory.
The exhibition explores the connections between Schiaparelli and Prada, two Italian women whose design was motivated by a desire to challenge conventional notions of beauty and chic. As befits an exhibition celebrating fashion's awkward squad, the show was controversial before it even opened: Miuccia Prada was sceptical, and made it be known she didn't acknowledge similarities between herself and Schiaparelli. (More recently, however, her attitude has softened, and she has discussed how YSL collections that inspired her were, in turn, inspired by Schiaparelli.)
All of this goes some way to explain why the Met Gala is red-carpet fashion at its most outrageous. This is window dressing for an exhibition with a difference. When Anna Wintour, the ice queen of understated chic, wears a gown with a huge gold lobster embroidered on the skirt, you can be sure an LBD isn't going to cut it. "
Here are some of my favs, share with me your favourites too: 

the queen of them all. Anna Wintour

wow - this is very OTT but i like it

the Fluff Brigade

a litle chilly??

always beautiful

i think SJP stole her grannies curtains. eek. 

the classic fish tail dress - cant go wrong there

there is a reason why designers dress models. this being said, maybe it was Angelina Jolie's trend is trying to  be replicated. i am not sure, all i know is that, that looks horrific.

crop tops??? hmmm, not a fan. looks like Kat Straford from 10 things I hate about you

very chic and elegant. not crazy about the leather on the  left. 

very classy and elegant. my style. 


oops, Emma Stone has a slight wardrobe malfunction


wow - red carpet glam at it's best 

poor Kirsten Stewart was voted worst dress on almost every fashion site

Rhihanna really knows how to glam herself up when needed. looking great in this one of a kind Tom Ford dress

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