April 23, 2012

it's a "trouser" affair

back in the day women were not allowed to wear trousers / pants - only skirts or dresses. when i refer to trousers i do not mean jeans or denim, but rather coloured, tailored and styled trousers. 

being a woman myself, i still love skirts and even more so, big glamorous dresses. but, since dating a European, i have found a new love in tailored trousers. so much so, i have more trousers in my wardrobe then skirts - eek.

i like trousers so much, that I have a whole board on Pintrest dedicated to them.    


even the beautiful Kate Middleton exchanges her little stockings and knee length skirts for a pair of trousers. 

see some more pictures, taken completely from my Pintrest account, below: 


whether they are rolled up or fitted to above your ankle, trousers are IN. get involved. 

 even 36 boutiques are writing about trousers this autumn / winter 

for more pictures of superb trousers, visit pintrest