April 24, 2012

dear New York,

not so long ago, in the heart of New York City,  ZARA hosted an event at their flagship store. ( love ) .

i only recently came across these pictures and they are beautiful. simple black and white images have taken a simple event, in a retail store, to the next level. i left out the images of all the people, as i did not know who they are, so you sure as heck won't either. also, there weren't that many "people" focussed shots anyway.

for more of these lovely images visit the zara site. i do not even know who the photographer was; but i just love these images so i thought i would share. i hope you can enjoy them too. 

who knew that a simple shot of a court shoe stiletto could be so invigorating.
i love all the other different tastes and styles of shoes around her. 

the end.