October 18, 2010

a cup of tea

a cup of tea
what better to do on a beautiful friday afternoon then to go and attend an ever so formal 'high tea' at the Cape Grace Hotel in Cape Town with your friendies ...
with elegance and grace (trying to be) present in all aspects of the tea party, i never could quite understand why my marange broke into a hundred pieces and the scooones were ever so hard on the teeth. gone were the days of freshly baked scones and strongly brewed five roses tea ...

flower head band - good old mr price buy

cape towns beautiful table mountain and MARINA bay - loved the yaughts etc etc . i want

t.h.e tea

when you trying to be sophisticated you not actually meant to throw your napkin all over the place, or are you?

necklace from 'beautiful' durban, kloof

spotted : shoes already off, and she hadn't even started dancing on the table

hmmm, what are you meant to do when you try cut your marange, and it bursts into a million pieces??

so there you have it, afternoon tea with the girls...

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