November 24, 2010

green is the new black

Dye Waste
I never thought of myself as ever being a KEEN green bean / tree hugger/ or whatever name they give those who think of the environ more than themselves. But after reading a distrubing article about fashion and sustainability, it got me questioning all those silly questions you try not think about.

What little hands sewed the trim on your shoes?
Where did the excess waste from the beautiuflly dyed dress you are wearing go to?
What happens to cut offs of material??
WHo made that sweater?

With cheap clothing stores MASS producing products, someone must be suffering.

Textile waste
 When you think of fashion you think "glam, Style, and money" > often forget the fundamental basics.

Rather than asking
  • Will i wear this next season?
  • Does this really suit me?
  • Will this last?
consider WHERE it came from, how it was made and what it influenced in our society!

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