January 26, 2011

ZARA comes to South Africa

after many moments of speculation, it is confimed that  ZARA will be opening a store after July 2011. all the international zara-fans, can finally have their ideal store at their finger tips.

Zara will carry a collection designed for the Southern Hemisphere that is in line with offerings in Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. 

The opening in South Africa is part of a massive global roll-out for the Spanish-owned company. Early 2010, Deputy Chairman and CEO, Mr Pablo Isla, announced Iniditex had plans to increase its global footprint by between 8% and 10% a year through 2012, and to be present in more than 80 countries by that date. In May last year, a store was opened in Delhi, India with a second planned for Mumbai. 

Information from: Ifashion South Africa

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