September 23, 2011

be a sweetheart . . . for Somalia

the famine in Somalia is at a critical stage and all aid has been called for. the Muslim Student Association (MSA) from the University of Cape Town (UCT) are raising funds for the Somalia Famine. these volunteers are providing a beautiful gesture for all to participate, as well as benefiting many other people.

support the famine and the need of others, by buying an extremelly good-looking cupcake or donut (delish!) from their stand on the UCT campus today! prices are all R5.00 or less. and all money raised / donated will be donated to campaigns aiding the famine in Somalia.

"In the last three months, over 150,000 people have flooded into the Dadaab refugee camp on the boarder of Kenya and Somalia. About 115,000 of these people are women and children who have walked for up to 100 km with no reliable source of food or water."
Hope for Somalia

we all have a role to play - what is yours?

take your delicious cupcakes and your coffee to jammie stairs and enjoy whilst knowing that you have contributed to something more then . . . . yourself.

want to give more? get in touch with Gift of the Givers or donate non-perishable food items in the green boxes in and around your city. (there is one outside the UCT library if you were wondering, as well as most pick n pay stores)

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