April 23, 2013

Handbag Essentials

some celebrities are known for their over-sized, large and highly fashionable handbags. ever wondered what is inside this handbag? this is something that a man will never be able to figure out, never. 

each and every handbag is as unique as your finger print pattern. as busy women we rush from one thing to the next, in between the office, meetings, children, events, school, lunch and home. at anytime in the 24hour cycle, you might need something from your handbag. over and above the normal sunglasses, purse, iPad and iPod, here are 10 essential must-haves for your handbag:
  1. Kangaroo Pouch or cherry bag. this is a little bag that goes inside your bag. It has lots of little pouches and compartments for all your things – also making changing handbags easy.
  2. small tin of Dry Shampoo for those days when your hair gets drizzled on, after the gym, or before a meeting to add a bit of body.
  3. Lipstick or lipgloss. any shade, any brand, you just need one…always
  4. Lip balm. again, any brand, colour or flavour. you never know when you may need to pucker up. 
  5. Hand sanitizer or hand wet-wipes. perfect for before lunch or after you have been in a public place.
  6. Hand Cream. the perfect way of keeping your hands silky smooth and soft.
  7. Concealer. you just do not know when something may make themselves present on your face.
  8. Small tin of bronzing beads. these are perfect on those winter days when you need a glow or freshening up before a meeting.
  9. Chewing gum or peppermints. always, this is not even discussable.
  10. Mini brush to tame your mane at point of the day. 

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