April 21, 2013

Sassy Autumn Textures

Autumn is just around the corner and already those “wardrobe must-haves” are emerging. And with this I can only be referring to black tights. As women who like to dress to impress (let us be honest) we should actually know that our opposite sex (i.e. men are not the biggest fans of these black tights that are readily available in every store, nation wide.

However, hope is not lost, for new and fun fashion this Autumn/Winter why not dress these black tights up a bit. At out A/W 2013 fashion weeks we saw some fabulous textures strutting around. Bold, tactile, playful patterns, layers, layers and layers brimming with sequins and buttons of all sizes! Now, THIS is what I call high fashion. It is understood that we cannot walk out the house every morning like we have walked off the Milan Runway, BUT you can help yourself by on a faux fur or shaggy wool jumper to complement your black tights that you were going to wear anyways.

Still not convinced? Why not customize your clothes with some interesting buttons, bling elements and big furry trims.

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  1. Hey Kelsey, you have a really great blog. Keep on keeping on.